Biofeedback has been a long time reserved for pelvic floor muscle training while you are over 80% to measure the interest in the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system.

The biofeedback allows the patient to become aware of an abnormal physiological condition and guide in its correction. It also allows the therapist to objectify the evolution and the acquisition of the correction.

Whether for amyotrophies, muscle considerations, the locking deficits, contractures and spasticity, the effectiveness of electrostimulation EMGbiofeedback torque will surprise you. With just two electrodes, stimulation creates sensory experience and biofeedback can reproduce in retro control. Your patients become actors of their treatment and their motivation increases.

With PHENIX NANO Physio Uro, we make everyone therapists combination of these two techniques in a portable and transportable device. The richness screens biofeedback and stimulation currentsthis combination can significantly accelerate the processes of neuromuscular reprogramming.

With PHENIX NANO Physio Uro, the practice of biofeedback is simple and optimizes your results in all the pathologies that require improvement or a reprogramming of the motor commandIts handling patient guide in a static or dynamic work and the patient can be placed in functional situations.

Using the PHENIX NANO Physio Uro

  • Comfort and freedom of movement for the therapist and patient
  • BFB exercises easier than with wires and safe for equipment
  • Perfection of EMG
  • DAL Software : flexibility, changing settings
  • Ergonomics: mobility, lightness, portability
  • Therapeutic wizard : helps to find a program in seconds with a single clinical signs
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