With the surgical lamps of the UNICA series, RIMSA has achieved the complete elimination of the main-beam effect. Unique offers a deep light, layered and, above all, that does not dazzle. The reflection passes through a screen with a roughness index such as to stratify and collide the light beam.

E-DEEP – The centre of the lamp is fitted with an additional LED module specifically designed to reflect deep light. E-deep means the surgeon can operate with perfect 3D lighting, especially in cavities.

E-VIEW – An additional light source called E-View (Extended-View) makes it possible to expand the lit field at the edges without affecting the light intensity at the centre (Ec). Such perk allows the light to become an optimal solution for the following procedures: thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, caesarean births and all those procedures when the surgeon needs to operate with an extended field.

2R DOUBLE REFLECTION – In 2017, Rimsa patented the 2R, double reflection technology which ensures the maximization of the lighting emitting surface thus allowing UNICA Series products to achieve a terrific surgical effect and offering a completely glare free illumination.

LIGHT EMITTING SURFACE – The most efficient way to obtain a reliable surgical effect is to illuminate an area with a large cupola which ensures that no shadows will occur because several lighting rays from multiple origins insist over the same spot thus allowing, when obstacles are present, to have light in the field. The need for a large cupola is not a requirement for a cupola with a large diameter but rather for a cupola with a large emitting surface (the effective reflective area of a cupola). The Emitting surface of a cupola depends upon the technology used: Halogen surgical light had an impressive emitting surface, a standard far better than what is available with Leds.

  • 160.000 lux
  • 56 and 86 cm Heads
  • from 3.800 to 5.000 K
  • Diameter adjustment: Electronic
  • > 60,000 hours
  • Made in Italy


HaMa'apilim 27, E.T. Ir Ganim, PO Box 413, Kiryat Ata
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