Gymna ShockMaster 300

The ShockMaster 300 (by Gymna) has been developed in close collaboration with the (para) medical world. The ShockMaster 300 allow you to preform radial shockwave therapy in the easiest way. His portability means you are now able to carry out treatments anytime and anywhere. No restriction – just ‘plug and play’.

  • Swiss Technology Inside (STORZ)
  • Internal Compressor
  • Max Frequency: 15Hz
  • Max Pressure: 4 bar
  • Overall Weight: 11 Kg
  • Dimensions (cm): 18X38X42
  • Maintenance & Sofrware Update At The Client’s Home
HaMa'apilim 27, E.T. Ir Ganim, PO Box 413, Kiryat Ata
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