HUR’s Active range offers 24 machines that are easy to use with minimal adjustment points. The unique Natural Transmission system provides a safe and effective workout with no damaging stress on joints and connective tissues – the workload is applied specifically to the muscles.  Furthermore the silent machines take up very little space and add another design element to health clubs, hotels, companies, spas etc.

HUR SmartTouch Hi5 strength training equipment leads the way for smart exercise solutions in the fields of active ageing, senior exercise, rehabilitation and inclusive wellness. The new equipment is designed to further enhance usability and training experience for selected user groups.



  • HUR SmartTouch – Computerized training and operating
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Dual Function
  • Multigrip handles
  • 100g and 1kg increments
HaMa'apilim 27, E.T. Ir Ganim, PO Box 413, Kiryat Ata
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