EMOS Ureterorenoscopes

nnovation meets design! The flexibleUreterorenoscopes with working channel from BUCK are not only characterized by their excellent image quality, but also by their innovative technology and construction. With a viewing angle of 88° and a very good flexible angulation in the up/down field of 275°/275°, it offers the doctor an excellent view during the patient examination. The ergonomic design of the endoscope enables comfortable, stress-free work on the patient.

  • Distal tip: Ø 2.5 mm / Ø 7.5 Fr.
  • Insertion tube: Ø  2.8 mm / Ø 8.4 Fr.
  • Working length: 680 mm
  • Working channel: Ø 1,2 mm
  • Field of view:  88°
  • Angulation up/down: 275°/275°
HaMa'apilim 27, E.T. Ir Ganim, PO Box 413, Kiryat Ata
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