Enova Video Camera

Video camera are gauning widespread acceptance as a tool to improve patient safety, ensure the quality of medical and dental care, teach future doctors and dentists, or document research and development procedures. Not only do patients support the idea of having their procedures recorded, but such technology can also better inform efforts to determine complications during surgery and can become part of the patient’s electronic medical record for any future doctor or dentist.

  • Lightweight
  • Point-of-view recording
  • Crisp, high resolution video
  • 2X to 8X magnification
  • Perfect focus
  • Excellent depth of field
  • Captures video, stills and audio
  • Integrated cloud platform for storing and sharing videos
  • Streams real-time video to share with colleagues
  • Attaches to Enova LED Surgical Headlights
תמונה של enova Video Camera
HaMa'apilim 27, E.T. Ir Ganim, PO Box 413, Kiryat Ata
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