The FLOAT is a new dynamic multidirectional overhead body weight support (BWS) system that supports patients with gait impairments in the training and rehabilitation of their natural locomotion. It allows patients after stroke, spinal cord or brain injuries, incomplete paraplegia or orthopedic patients to relearn walking and safely train in an unrestricted three-dimensional space.

It’s unique flexibility to adjust to a patient’s needs makes it the ideal system for faster and more efficient gait rehabilitation through a versatile training of Activities of Daily Living without the risk to fall. The FLOAT allows a safe training of the patient within a 3-dimensional space up to 15x5x5m where the patient can move freely and unrestricted in all directions, including rotating around their body axis.

The FLOAT supports patients up to 185kg weight and 2m height and offers a highly motivational freedom to relearn walking in a protected environment.

A flexible and task specific dynamic body weight support smoothly follows all movements and enables a versatile training without limiting restrictions. Therapists have free access to the patient without the need to carry the weight of the patient thus ensuring a maximum effectiveness of the training and less strain for therapists.

  • Enabling unrestricted gait training in a 3-dimensional space
  • Training in a free three-dimensional space
  • Safe training scenarios for “Activities of Daily Living”
  • Optional: Virtual Reality for training
  • Made in Swiss


HaMa'apilim 27, E.T. Ir Ganim, PO Box 413, Kiryat Ata
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